Five Simple Tips to Restoration – Living out a Blessed Life

The rains came down hard and fast. The flood waters crept up the bank in the back yard. Nightfall hid the rising flood, but I knew it was there.

Although the weather over the holidays was wet, it was my life that had been the issue. I was living dangerously close to the place of losing what I had because I was not living out a life of losing it.

The light came and I was reminded that the right foundation protects even against the rising waters. More revelation and inspiration comes when I recognize that the right foundation will also provide restoration of what might have been or what could have been (or even what was).

1-4-16 restoration

I have the right to be fully restored – but that right only comes when I take the steps to live in restoration.

Stepping Out into Restoration

    First – I just have to take off the mask. This means I have to stop pretending to be in a place I know that I’m not – and that pretending is often as much for my benefit as it is for anyone else.

    Second – I have to choose to change my direction. I am not where I want to be because I have not been moving in the direction I want to go. I have gotten close at times – but close it is still far away. The only way to change is to choose different steps.

    Third – I have to put my attention wholly on the cross. The only way that I can walk on water is if I have my focus on Christ. Anything less than Christ focus and I will sink. I have to choose to turn from where I have been looking and look at what will lead me to restoration.

    Fourth – I have to stop looking back at what might have been. If you try to plow while looking behind you then your garden will be a disaster. I have to look at where I want to go and let that be the guiding force.

    Fifth – I have to believe the promise. Until I believe it – and I mean deep down in my heart believe – a belief that is natural as breathing – then I will struggle to take action in it.

The Word of God promises me restoration and healing – in fact, the Word says that my restoration and healing are completed. They are finished. The Victory is won.

[tweetthis]#Restoration begins when I take a step away from where I was going into the full potential of my unique design[/tweetthis]

But the Word of God also says that in order for me to live in that restoration and healing, I have to make the choice to walk out God’s will for my life – and that starts with making God the most important part of my life.

Are you ready for a year of restoration?

Be blessed,


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