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Take the Flash Fiction Challenge
Putting together random words for a great flash fiction challenge seems impossible. The creative mind goes to words that it wants to use. I decided to let each of my family members add a word to one that I came up with – just to be sure it was random.

Words for Flash Fiction


I have learned not to ask my family for random words just before I make them lunch. Still, it could be interesting. The flash fiction challenge is to take these five word and craft them into a story under 600 words.

Be sure to come back here and share a link to your story. I share mine below.

Locked Away

“Ham it up all you want. Mom will still get you when she gets home.” Cal yelled at his brother from behind the barricaded closet door.

It was partly his fault that he was in the position in the first place. He had been trying to keep his youngest brother under control while his mom was out running errands. The more he tried to reel him in, the more bouncy Spencer seemed to get.

Breakfast started the issues. Cal knew that the third bowl of sugary cereal might not be the best meal for a boy that already had enough energy to power a small country. He had tried to get him to eat the egg pie mom had left them, but the pitch of the whine that Spencer could produce often made Cal fold.

Cal got comfortable in the tight closet. He had almost pushed his way out once, but Spencer and his friend had managed to push him back in and then they had barricaded the door. The more they laughed, the more Cal worried about what they might be doing on the other side of the door.

Cal was beginning to experience the pains of hunger. Dealing with Spencer at breakfast had made him miss out on eating more than one slice of the egg pie himself. His stomach growled as he thought about it.

“Are you guys getting hungry yet?” Maybe a bribe would get him out of the closet. “I could get you some pizza.” The other two boys continued to run around on the other side of the door. “Would you like to go out and roast hotdogs over a fire?” Normally the idea of burning something would send Spencer running to get in line.

Cal put his head against the door. It was suddenly quiet – too quiet. The only thing worse than having them out there being loud was having them out there not making any noise at all. Cal began to panic. Maybe they were out at the creek. Maybe they wandered off into the woods. Maybe . . .


His mother’s voice pierced through the door. Cal smiled. It made sense now. “In here.” They were hiding because they knew it was over. Cal heard the furniture scraping over the floor and then the door was open.

His mom was smiling when he stepped out of the closet. “I bet you have a tale to tell.”

“I think it will be more interesting to hear it from Spencer first.”

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