Focus Folder
Your fill-in-the-blank workbook to help gain your focus and pursue your purpose.

The right focus makes all the difference. I get to where I want to be – where I am supposed to be – when I step out into the focused path that was designed for me to follow from the beginning.

Prepare for FOCUS

  • It starts with why – knowing the reason behind the drive
  • It moves forward with intention – setting the goals
  • It stays on track with accountability – keeping a record and reviewing the progress

Focus is possible – no matter where you are in your journey or where you want to go.

This Focus Folder has been designed to help you master your purpose and perfect your journey. It gives you the tools to harness your time and energy while encouraging you in the pursuit of your dreams.

What You Will Receive

  • Your Focus Folder comes in a mini-binder (8 x 5.5) – making it easy to keep with you and to keep your records current.
  • The binder is a three-ring binder so you have the ability to add materials.
  • Your binder comes with a pocket, convenient for your phone or other items so that you can limit the number of items you have to carry.
  • Your binder includes dividers to separate the weeks, the sections, or to make new sections as you need.
  • Your binder includes lined, notebook paper for your thoughts or ideas.
  • You will receive 6 weeks of material: Why page, goal pages, daily challenge pages, and weekly review pages – all conveniently designed to enhance your journey to a focused and purposeful life.

As a bonus, those that purchase a Focus Folder will have the ability to schedule a Jump Start session to help make the most of the Focus Folder. You will receive a 30-minute call with Kathryn Lang to help prepare the way to get the most of this investment.

Purchase your Focus Folder today

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