Four Questions to Find Your Place in Purpose

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The journey is about four simple questions. We started out talking about WHY – which turns out to be the same for all Christians. It is not a mystery hidden in the depths. It is simple – we are designed for relationships. We are to love God and to love each other. The trick for us walking out in this world lies in building and growing those relationships. The WHY, itself, is simple.

The WHAT can be a little more of a challenge to uncover because it is unique to each individual so there is no formula that will lead to the answer. Uncovering the WHAT requires a foundation in the WHY. You have to build a relationship with the Designer if you are going to understand the WHAT behind that design.

The HOW will also be unique to each person – and will be dependent in part on the WHAT. The more you settle into the WHY, the more you will develop and understand the WHAT which in turn will allow you to easier map out the HOW.

Finally, WHEN? The time is now and the time is until you arrive.

Those are the four questions that will help you begin living out your life in your unique place in God’s purpose.

It is simple. I just have to choose to do it.

Be blessed,


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