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Free Book Giveaway – Enter Now!

Reading can be a way to bring the entire family together. My two boys and I will take turns reading a novel and then talk about our favorite parts. We also use the talks to spark ideas for songs (my middle son’s favorite thing to write), short stories (that would be the oldest), and blog posts (I’ll let you figure out who writes those).

S.P. Dorning has provided our family with some science fiction fun and excitement. His books have given us a hunger to read more outside our typical genres. The characters and stories captured our imaginations and pulled us off to a galaxy far, far away. We are eager for more!

In honor of the nearing release of part two “Spheres of the Ryk-tar,” I am giving away a signed copy of the first novel, “Stars of the Kanri.”

Here is how this will work. You will get on entry for each of the following:

    *Commenting on this blog

    *Commenting over at Stars of the Kanri Facebook page

    *Linking back to this blog post from your own blog and sharing the giveaway

    *Tweeting about the giveaway and including a link back to the blog

    *Facebook comment about the giveaway that includes a link back to the blog

The giveaway will close at midnight on October 31, 2010. We will then have a random drawing with all of the names of those who have participated. The winner will be notified and provide a mailing address where the book can be shipped.

Easy enough – so start your commenting!

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  1. I still haven’t had a chance to read the first book and the second is about to come out?!? Wow, where have I been? I’d love to win a copy.

    1. Hey Mara – thanks for the comment – you are officially in the drawing for “Stars of Kanri.” Also, I set up an event over on facebook – say you are attending and I’ll give you a second entry.

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