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Freelance Writing Basics – Markets

There are so many different ways for freelance writers to earn income over the internet that I’m still discovering some of them. And just when you think you have it all figured out then a new media outlet will appear and new opportunities will arise.

Internet freelance writing offers a wealth of opportunities. You are only limited to your own desires. You can write a lot for a little, a little for a lot or somewhere in between. It all comes down to what you want to do with your freelance writing career. Finding income opportunities on the internet may take a little time and effort but it pays off in the end. The best thing is that there is literally something for everyone no matter what interests, hobbies or expertise might exist.

Freelance Writing for Forums

A forum on the internet is much like a bulletin board. It is a place for users to post comments, questions, answers and suggestions. It is not real time (like chat rooms) or point-to-point (like email) but it can be a useful way to share information.

The most successful forums are those with a large number of users. Many new users are hesitant to participate if there are no other people already commenting and asking questions. Some owners of new forums will hire companies to provide “users” to post comments.

This may not be a way to get rich writing, but it could be a gateway into new job opportunities. Creating good forum posts could interest owners in hiring you to write for other endeavors that they might have in the future.

Some Forum Writing Opportunities








If there is no job link or write for us link on the website then just send an email to the company with a query letter expression your interest in writing for the company.
Freelance Writing for Blogs

A blog is simply a web log of information. Most people picture a young person or housewife pouring out diary type information into an online journal. The truth is that the technology of the blog is being used by companies (big and small) to help increase consumer interest and understanding, its being used by new services to make news stories more interactive and even by politicians.

Blogs are now mainstream. To be useful to most individuals the information on the blogs needs to be current, regular and focused. Not all companies or website owners have the time or the skills to supply the content necessary to meet these needs. Many will seek out individuals to fill the content gaps on their own blogs.

Sites to Find Blogging Gigs and Jobs







The great thing about blogging is that you can find opportunities for almost ever passion or interest. Many sites only pay a nominal amount for blog posts (most are around $5 for 200 words) but as you begin to build your skills and reputation will you will be in a position to ask for more.

You can also use a personal blog to make money. Monetizing a blog requires some time, understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) and a focused niche. Most monetized blogs make from just a few dollars in paid ad programs to thousands of dollars per month in targeted ads, sales and other income avenues.

No matter what direction your freelance writing is headed, writing for blogs can be a good way to add to your income potential. Writing for blogs also requires you to make your writing more concise and will help increase your writing skills for all levels of your freelance writing.

Freelance Writing Work as a Ghost Writer

Ghost writers have been around since the dawn of writing. These are freelance writers who are paid to write books, articles, stories, reports or any other needed content but the credit goes to someone else. This practice is used regularly over the internet. While many website owners do not want to write the material they do want to look like they are the ones that created the content.

Having a byline is the most important thing for many freelance writers. It is proof of your work AND it will provide you with clips for other potential employers. Choosing to write as a ghost writer can be difficult for some freelance writers. It can be a valuable addition to income – particularly if you are writing about something you know little about (getting paid to learn) or you are writing about something that you can easily turn into other articles or writing opportunities.

Sites to Find Ghost Writing Opportunities






Mommy PLR – Home




Not all companies are hiring at all times. For those cases where there are no guidelines for writers to submit material you will need to find a way (usually through the contact link) to send a query email expressing your interest in doing content for the company. Have an idea about what you need to make and what you are willing to accept for work. Most companies will have set payments but you do not have to go to work for them if you feel like those amounts are unfair.

Freelance Writing for Ezines – Online Magazines

Magazines are traditional markets for the freelance writer. Many of the larger magazines pay around $1 or more per word. That can be a great supplement to a monthly income, but the larger traditional magazines can be tough to break into with out experience or expertise in a particular field. Online magazines (even the online versions of larger traditional magazines) can offer clips, relationships with magazines and more opportunities.

Ezines typically do not pay as well as their traditional cousins but they do typically pay more than most blogging sites. A reasonable price for an ezine article (around 400 words) will be about $50. Some will pay much more and some may pay less.

Sites to Find Work with Ezines



The best way to find the online magazines or ezines where you would like to contribute is to do a search for “online magazine topic.” When you find the magazine that fits your interests and expertise then look for the writer’s guidelines or send an email to the magazine requesting the guidelines.

Finding online work the freelance writer is not exactly easy, but it is rather simple. There are a number of different avenues that the freelance writer can pursue to help increase income potential. Once you get your feet wet working for others you will begin to discover that there are even more opportunities available to the freelance writer willing to go the extra mile.

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