Freelance Writing Priority

“If I had a reason to get up then I would probably get up earlier.” The words were not my own but I could have easily put them into a phrase as well that deals with my freelance writing. Mine would have been about getting paid to write or having a place to write or any number of excuses that have kept me from boldly pursuing my passion of becoming a successful freelance writer.

Thursday Bram was answering some questions over at her website about freelance writing and she covered the idea of how to schedule her writing. The thing that struck me is that she wrote every day for eight hours – just like a job. Here I was just writing when I wrote and not really thinking about the time I was investing in my freelance writing.

I know how to schedule and I do a great job making the charts and lists but my consistency in following those lists is where I lack in my freelance writing. I want results and I want them now. Results that take time often make my consistency lag after a few weeks of persistence.

Being consistent was something I attacked over at Proverbs 31 Living. A month of doing the exact same things every day without expectation of return showed me that consistency becomes a struggle when I do not see results. That is when it becomes beneficial to have the write support in place to encourage me to carry on.

I have to take the lessons learned at about consistency and results and apply them to my writing. Playing off the idea of Thursday Bram about dedicating eight hours I will now be writing in spurts through out the day – some for pay and some to expand my freelance writing opportunities.

Passion can not always be about the pay check. My freelance writing has to be about balance – balancing the need to write with the will to write regardless of the results.

What makes your freelance writing a priority and what are you doing to pursue that passion?

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  • Kathryn, I think you’ve hit upon the most important struggle most writers face. It can be incredibly difficult to write on a consistent schedule because the rewards are not easy to see.

    It’s so important to find a schedule that works for you — and to have the necessary support to maintain that schedule.

    • Having the support to maintain the schedule is where I struggle. It seems that just as soon as I fall into a routine I have to change things for a doctor’s appt, a holiday or any other number of reasons. This new schedule that I have gives me a LOT more flexibility so hopefully it will adjust as necessary!