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Freelance Writing Stalls and How to Restart

Getting started at freelance writing each morning is simple for me. It’s getting restarted after I have taken a break to read an email, eat some breakfast or do some chores around the house that causes me to stumble. Making money as a freelance writer is only possible if I write and I can only write if I sit down at the keyboard and start, restart and restart again until everything is done.

How to Restart Freelance Writing

    1. Make a schedule – if I said it once then I have said it a dozen times. Having a schedule will help motivate you to stay on track. The last few days I have discovered that having a minute by minute break down of what I NEED to do helps me to get more done. No matter how you make your schedule it is important to making money as a freelance writer that you have a schedule.

    2. Time the breaks – limit the amount of time that you spend away from the writing. Set a timer if necessary. The longer that you take away from your freelance writing then the harder it will be to get back to it.

    3. Mix it up – have more than one project that you can work on at a time. You may find that you are more excited to return to one project and then you can work your way back into the other projects that may not be as appealing.

    4. Write for fun – do some writing that you enjoy instead of jumping right back into your freelance writing for money. Getting words – any words – down on paper will help you get back into the groove.

Starting your freelance writing day can be the easiest thing that you do. It can be restarting that causes the problems. Have a plan in place that will help you get restarted with your freelance writing.

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