Get the Most from Your Bible Study

Bible studies offer a chance to grow closer to God. They can open up a new understanding of the Word or a moment in scripture. Bible studies allow people to develop relationships that provide accountability, encouragement and support.

Getting the most from a bible study requires stepping into the class with an attitude of desire. Expect to learn. Look for opportunities to grow. Prepare to participate. You will discover that with a little effort you will gain great rewards.

Steps to Successful Bible Study

    1. Know what YOU expect – every person that enters a bible study does so for a unique purpose. Understanding what you desire from the class will help you in your journey of discovering.

    2. Commit to participate – just showing up for the bible study may give you some learning or insight. Spending time outside the class in prayer, preparation and study will allow you to grow beyond your expectations and will also allow you to offer more to others in the class.

    3. Go beyond the study – look for ways to expand the support beyond the weekly study. Try having social outings with the group, pairing up with partners that can pray for each other, or even developing a regular prayer circle.

The more that you are willing to put into your bible study then the more that you will be able to get out of that study. See beyond the book and make your next bible study an experience.

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  • I really agree with your first point. I forget about the needs of others in a group Bible study sometimes. John MacArthur also had a good perspective on Bible studies and how to enjoy them.