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Get Over It – Working Past the Noise

Get over it or IT will get control of your world

[tweetthis]No matter how much I invest in others I will never be in a position to FIX others[/tweetthis]

Get over the fact that the judge did not rule the way you wanted or expected or you KNOW is right.

Get over the fact that the sentence you wanted was not the sentence she got.

Get over the fact that he makes so much money for a job you know you could do better while you are struggling to get by.


Get Over it and see the possibilityI have noticed that the noise of complaining only intensifies as the information highway expands. I have always had a low tolerance for complaining and whining, but I have officially reached my limit.

It is time to get over it – whatever the “it” you see as the problem – because it is not your problem to fix. The world does not revolve around what you want or expect or even what you know to be true.

The world has its own agenda and your concerns are of little value to the world.

[tweetthis]It is not my job to the fix the world – I need to fix self and let the world work out its own[/tweetthis]

It is time to get over it because your resources are wasted in the pursuit of fixing others. You will NEVER fix others. Believe me, if others could be fixed then I would have fixed a few of them around here long ago. Others do what others are going to do despite my best efforts.

I have to invest my resources in changing me if I am going to ever see a change in the world.

It is time to get over it because it is not my place. I did not make it and I am not the one in the position to change it. All I do is stir up my emotions and your emotions when I rant about it over and over ad nauseam (which really should be spelled ADD NAUSIA because that is what it does). It gets me nowhere good and it drags you there with me.

I need to focus on the positive – ALWAYS seek out the hope and inspiration – that alone will make a difference in the way I encounter the world.

Get over it to break through the noise

Please stop shaming – or at least stop sharing the shame with me. It is not bringing about justice and it is not funny. What if it were you or your child that was the focus?

Please stop over-sharing – or at least stop telling me all about something that you have no personal stake in and even then think twice. There are ALWAYS more sides to the story.

Please stop shouting first and thinking second – or take it somewhere that others will not be able to hear until you get through the thinking part. There is more than enough noise in the world right now without adding to it the noise of the ill-informed.

Get it over it – get over the news, get beyond the noise, and get past the negatives of this world that are holding you back. Turn instead to the hope and the inspiration and you will discover that all this time you had it in you to fly.

Be blessed,


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