Give Content Away to Build Readers

Growing a website requires more than filling a page full of content. It takes creating a community where people WANT to come. I make those connections when I open up my heart and reveal the peace of my soul. It also comes when I choose to reach out and help instead of always looking at what is in it for me.

Tips for Giving Away Content

    1. Find a website in (or near) your niche and offer to write a guest post. You lose nothing if the owner says no and you can potentially gain hundreds of new readers if the owner says yes.

    2. Give out encouragement and support on a regular basis. It costs nothing to offer a little encouragement or a few tips of advice and it could end up gaining you everything.

    3. Create reports, handouts and worksheets that your readers can use in their own walk. A little extra effort goes a long ways to building a solid relationship between reader and writer.

    4. Develop mini-eBooks that you can provide to other websites for their promotions or fund raisers. You probably already have several posts that you could bring together to make a great giveaway package.

    5. Be honest. The best gift you can give your readers is the honesty you pour out in the words. Be real with them and they will be real TO you!

Free never means without cost. Giving away items means you are making the choice to put others before self. It will take time and effort, but when readers recognize their importance in your life then they will begin to connect with you and your website in a whole new level.

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