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  • I sometimes stress over whether I am trusting God or testing God. One I am commanded to do, the other I am commanded to NOT do. Yet sometimes, I’m not sure which side of that fence I am on. I know that I know God – I’ve read His word and can quote it. But if I LOVE God, then I am going to do one more thing to help myself. I know that salvation is through faith alone, but I also know James warned us to recognize that faith without works is dead. Those works come from love. So, as long as I am doing all I can, then I know I am trusting God because I love Him. Not testing him by being lazy.

    • Thank you for that reminder. I just have to keep leaning into God and to where I feel the peace that passes all understanding. It’s just that some days are tougher than others 😉

      Have a blessed day, my friend.