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God’s Got This – Dare to Believe

Trust that God’s got this and you find your path to peace.

Some days you wake up and you know God’s got this. Other days you wake up and desperately need reminding.

Today was a wake-up and know kind of day. In part, because I went to bed with the peace that passes all understanding (and believe me, if you looked around my house right now you would understand how peace has settled in).

Everything around me says that things are not going the way they should. “Normal” threw up her hands and left weeks ago. The middle has been moved so many times that I have stopped even trying to get the ends together.

Despite the appearance of the moment, I have no doubts that God’s got this.

Yesterday, my oldest son told me that not everyone would understand or accept what he was going to share, but he knew I would. “Mom, as long as everyone has fun, it will be okay.” He was right. I did understand. How many times I have said that the people who needed to be there would be there – no matter if I was talking about a family gathering or a speaking engagement. It was my son’s way of reminding me to relax and enjoy the journey because God’s got this.

Yesterday, I received a message from a friend. “Praying for you and for the works.” His words reminded me of the bigger picture. His words pointed to something more than what I was seeing in the immediate. I accepted the words and they settled into my heart.

Yesterday, I received a call from a friend. “You are sowing – and you have to understand the principles of sowing to be ready to receive the harvest.” Not only did his words create a calm around me, but they began to grow up courage for where this journey is going.

Every time I became anxious or nervous, another “little” thing would happen. It is no wonder that I ended the day resting firm in my understanding that God’s got this.” It is no wonder that the morning brought renewal of the same peace and calm that had ushered me to sleep.

God’s got this. It is not just a mantra that I have been repeating, but it is the foundation for all that I’m doing. The world will not understand. Much of the time I don’t understand. I have to trust, obey, and keep on keeping on.

Be blessed,

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