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Going All In by Leaning 100% Into Uniqueness

Going all in is the only way to live your best life. If you hold back, you risk falling flat when you try to leap (sometimes when you just try to step). The only way to reach your best life is to be 100% in it and in it uniquely for you.

Stop listening to the noise of the world and lean into the awesomeness that is your unique design.
– Kathryn Lang


Stop listening to the noise of the world and lean into the awesomeness that is your unique design.
- Kathryn Lang

Ship Burning Determination

 I listened to the Tim and Jim Show today, June 28, 2023, and Jim was talking with Bailey Cooper about electronic payment systems. What I heard was his challenge to go all in with what you are doing (he even hosts a show about this determination called Burn the Ship). 

I’ve been wondering the last few days if I’m holding anything back. Am I going all in? Am I being completely honest with myself and with those on this journey with me? Have I burned the ships?

When you burn the ships (which is VERY different from burning bridges, just FYI), you put yourself in a position to have to keep going. The only way back home is to go through what you’re facing. 

I’ve been keeping a parachute handy. That’s not all in. It may be close to all in, but it is not ALL in.

If you want to create your best life, then you have to be willing to go all in on your unique design.

  • No parachute
  • No plan B
  • No way out
  • No more excuses

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Going Splat

Diving required me to go all in. I had to be willing to run to the end of the board, jump on the very end of the board with all of my might, and then fling myself into the air with everything I could muster. One misstep or one hesitation and SPLAT!

I had to go all in.

If I held back while approaching the end of the board, I wouldn’t get the spring necessary to launch me into my dive. SPLAT.

If I held back when I jumped on the end of the board, I wouldn’t get the lift necessary to complete the dive. SPLAT.

If I didn’t throw myself into the rotation once I lifted off, I would fall short. SPLAT.

If ever I did something short of 100%, I felt the impact, and everyone in the pool area heard it.


Do you ever feel like you are going splat in your journey? Maybe you need to see if you are truly going all in.

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No Parachute

If you have a parachute or a safety net, then you won’t be fully engaged with what you are attempting. You may even find you are depending on that parachute instead of leaning into your unique design.

No Plan B

If you are going to reach your destination, then you have to have an end in mind. No Plan B. This doesn’t mean that HOW you get to your destination won’t have to be flexible. Sometimes even the best interstates have detours through no cause of your own. But where you are going needs to be firmly set.

No Way Out

If you want to be sure that you keep going, then don’t leave a way to get out. When you are all in, there can be no way out of the journey because you are 100% leaning into where you want to go. Be so determined that you don’t leave yourself a secret way out.

No More Excuses

If you have room for excuses, then you are avoiding going all in. Usually, you will avoid doing it at all. My husband determined to go all in with sharing his Bible study by sharing every day on Facebook. He never makes an excuse, and if he knows something is coming up, he makes a plan to be flexible. His Love God Love Others show on Facebook is available six days a week (he takes Sunday off) and covers just 4 chapters of Scripture each day.

Going all in requires making a decision and then leaning into it with all you have. Run, jump, and throw so you don’t end up going SPLAT.

Time for Going All In

The time is now. There has never been a better time for you, where you are, to do what you are uniquely designed to do. If you are willing and you dare to lean in, then you can live out all of your possibilities. 

But you have to choose and that choice requires going all in.

Dare ya!

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