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We are looking for the best candidate to fill a position in our company. On the job training is possible but some experience is preferred.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for the following elements in the organization:

    • Setting all daily schedules; shuffling appointments and meetings to allow for timely arrivals; maintaining separate calendars for each person in the organization and one main calendar for the whole group.

    • Planning each meal, shopping for the ingredients and preparing the meals – this includes snacks.

    • Developing and implementing budgets.

    • Handling all financial transactions including (but never limited to) tax preparations, allowance schedules, bill payments, investment plans and other payments.

    • Cleaning and maintaining the building and surrounding property including (but never limited to) landscaping, interior design, pest control, remodeling, organization and repairs. May be required to the work yourself or hire out the job and monitor the position.

    • Planning classes and training opportunities for the continued spiritual growth of self and each member of the organization through prayer, quiet time and other forms of study.

    • Planning the education advancement for each member of the organization under your direction. May require interviewing and budgeting for teachers, classes and seminars or planning and implementing individual materials for each person.

    • Bringing in resources to help fulfill financial obligations.

    • Managing all crisis situations including those that might effect neighboring organizations.

    • Creating and sending all communications including (but not limited to) invitations, all necessary correspondence, telephone calls, thank you notes and appreciations.

    • Organizing and supervising all social gatherings for the organization and any gatherings involving the organization including (but not limited to) parties, reunions, and other celebrations.

    • Identifying all living creatures or other objects that may be presented by members of the organization or may cross paths with said members – these services may be required during the day or the night.

Must be willing to be on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week – vacations may be canceled for any reason at any time. Only one sick day per year available and this may this may be canceled according to the needs of the organization.

Skills Required for Position:

    First aid
    Botanical knowledge
    Basic veterinary skills (with wildlife specialties)
    Research abilities
    Cooking and dietary knowledge
    Event programming
    Finance management and planning
    Basic plumbing, electrical and DIY knowledge
    Fluent in toddler
    Knowledge of every sport known to man (and some that are not)

All responsibilities are subject to change, amendments, additions and alterations at any time with out prior notice.

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