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How to Focus on Group Motivation for Inspired Success

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Tuesday – Motivation with Groups

We are stronger together. When I make time for others in my life and for my life, then I make room for the growth of motivation.

I need motivation. Motivation gives me the freedom to be inspired, the strength to be bold in stepping, and the courage to do what I have never done before.

#GrowingHOPE Group Motivation

Finding Motivation in Groups

    I can find group motivation in the form of an accountability group – like a bible study or a weight loss group.

    I can receive the group motivation in the form of a coffee group – a casual, but regular meet up with others.

    I can find motivation from an activity group – a meet up each week to take an action or to do something purposeful (I put writing groups and exercise partners under this heading).

    I can build up my motivation reservoir with a mastermind group – like-minded or focus minded people willing to share on their journey and encouragement in mine.

    And I can unlock motivation through an engagement group – a luncheon meetup just to be together or a networking event.

Motivation is there – all around me – all the time. I may have to seek it out at times, but I can find it. I need to find it if I am going to keep going in pursuit of all that I want to do and all that I am working to be.

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Motivation must come from within, but it will be bolstered and strengthen from the people around me. I need to seek out groups, organizations, and opportunities to engage, connect, and share.

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