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Studying to Grow a Proverbs Life

Invest in Growing a Proverbs Life

Reading Proverbs every morning brings new revelation and inspiration to my day. I have started writing down on our calendar those verses that jump out the most. The side of the calendar page gets cut off and posted on the computer desk when the new month starts.

The most surprising thing so far lies in the fact that the Proverbs I have posted are different each month. I would have thought that certain Proverbs would stand out more than others. Each day something new speaks to my moment and delights my heart.

I have some favorites that I quote from Proverbs often, but those are not the ones that make it to the special spot. The verses that make the cut are those that reveal something new and exciting about where I am and where I am going.

Proverbs Quotes from Last Month

“Do not be afraid of the terror – even sudden terror – or of those troubles from the wicked when they come at you; the Lord will be your confidence, and it is the LORD that will keep your foot from being caught.” Proverbs 3: 24 – 26

It has been a rough four months and we are rolling over into month five. The last month was probably the most trying as insurance money began to run thing and contracting expenses began to grow thicker. Finances have been one of the troubled points in our past, and these words from Proverbs that reminded me it God that holds me up.

“The preparations of the heart belong to man. But the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.” Proverbs 16:1

I read one chapter from the Book of Proverbs each morning, but it still makes me smile when they correspond to my particular situation. The morning I read this verse was the same morning I was fretting over teaching a new class.

“The fear of the Lord leads to life and he who has that fear (awe, reverence) will abide in satisfaction and will not be visited by evil.” Proverbs 19:23

My husband and I had spent the last few days “discussing” the importance of respect and the teaching of that respect and reverence. We had be talking about the youth (and society in general) and how most people probably would not even know respect if it bit them in the rear. I think learning respect and reverence early for things that are tangible prepare you to offer even more reverence and respect to an intangible God.

Tips for Growing a Proverbs Life

    1. Read a chapter of Proverbs every day (the verse that corresponds with the date).
    2. Keep a notebook where you can write thoughts, ideas and verses down as you read through the book.
    3. Meet up with others that are following the same course. I have a lady at church that I know also reads Proverbs each day and I can talk with her about the thoughts and ideas I have from the verse we both read that morning.

Do you make the Proverbs part of your routine? Share some of your favorite verses and what they mean to you. It would also be great to share any tips you have for getting the most out of the Book of Proverbs.

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