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Learning to Nurture the Spirit

Limit the negatives. There are several television shows that I enjoy watching for the intrigue, dialogue or story line. As I started focusing on the need to nurture my spirit, I noticed that most of these shows also showed graphic images that I would try to avoid watching. A show that causes me to turn away, even for a moment, should not have a priority in my life. There are better things that I could be doing with my life, my time and my valuable resources. I have started looking at shows, movies, music and even company with the same measuring stick.

Invest in the positive. Turn on some music with a good message. Watch a show that encourages or uplifts. Invite a group of people over to share fun, encouragement and inspiration. Feed the good in your life and the good will become the driving force of your life.

Set a standard. “You are too young to watch that.” My youngest son came in during one of my favorite television shows. I paused the screen to wait until he left the room so the adults could resume enjoying the entertainment. I heard the response in my heart and not from my son who had already found something else to interest him. “Why are you watching it?” I had my reasons. I had my justifications. But ultimately, if it was not good for my children then it was probably not all that good for me.

We are what we eat. The prompting of the Holy Spirit and the directions from God become a part of my heart and my mind when I feed my body with the Words and the inspirations created to connect me with God. Jesus said that his food was to do the will of the one who sent him and to finish his work.

Nurturing the spirit – feeding it with the things that are good, encouraging and uplifting – begins the process to walking in my place. I also have to take action. If I want to be a part of God’s purpose than I have to do what He leads me to do.

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