Growing in Wisdom through Proverbs

Learn about Wisdom in Proverbs

The other morning the Book of Proverbs left my mind spinning around thoughts of wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Twice it mentions them in that order – and it also says that wisdom is the principle thing.

Webster defines wisdom as the making use of knowledge. I should have known that the Bible would approach the issue from a different angle. Scripture rarely goes by the guidelines set down by the world. Following the pattern of Proverbs, there has to be more to wisdom because it comes first and is principle.

I flipped through Proverbs and started writing down some of the ideas that were associated with Wisdom. There were more than enough to keep me busy doing for a long time, but there were ten that jumped out to the front in my mind.

Principles of Wisdom

    1. Wisdom comes first.
    2. Wisdom begins with a fear, understanding, and reference of God.
    3. Wisdom comes from and through God, the Word and the Holy Spirit and cannot be learned.
    4. Wisdom is pure.
    5. Wisdom is gentle.
    6. Wisdom yields instead of forcing its way.
    7. Wisdom is full of mercy.
    8. Wisdom produces only good fruits.
    9. Wisdom has no partiality.
    10. Wisdom walks without hypocrisy.

Wisdom (which begins with a fear, reverence and awesome realization of who and what God is) is established in the combination of imagination and faith. That foundation takes root and grows through prayer and study to become understanding. That harvest comes to full circle when it is utilized for the Kingdom and to expand the Kingdom through actions that relate it all in knowledge.

Above all things – get Wisdom. It will help smooth out the path to your success as you continue on to your purpose.

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