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Growing Up Boldness – Four – First Step

I grow up the boldness to pursue my dreams by finding the courage to take that first step. Living out a life on purpose and in purpose will not be the easy path – or the world will work hard to make it appear as though it is not the easy path because the world wants me to conform.

Boldness for Taking the First Step

There are five things I need to understand about that first step so that I can make a way to take that first step.

    1. The first step will be the hardest. There is nothing to back up that first step because there is no momentum to fuel it.

    2. The first step will be blind. I can have an idea of where I am going but until I step out into the journey I will not be certain (and even in the midst of the journey I may not know as much as I want).

    3. The first step will be scary. It is always scary stepping out into the unknown – and by scary I mean adrenaline pumping, heart skipping excitement type of scary – at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

    4. The first step will be a challenge. It is a challenge because it is new and it is different and it is the first.

    5. The first step will make others look – because I will be coloring outside the lines or dancing to a different drummer or just doing something outside of the ordinary.

I may not want to but I HAVE to if I want to make it anywhere – I have to take that first step, but sometimes it helps to know what to expect so that I can build up the determination to take it.

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