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Growing Up Boldness – Three – Willing to be Uncomfortable

The truth is that anytime I make the bold step it will push me out of my comfort zone. If I want to grow up boldness to live out my purpose in life then I need to expect to be uncomfortable.

Boldness Leads to Uncomfortable Change


    1. Change will require . . . well, change. I will have to move and do and adjust to get out of the rut I have been stuck in. It is impossible to go to my dreams if I am determined to stay where I am right now.

    2. Change will be different from what I have and where I am now. It is the only way for change to occur – and the bolder I want to go then the more that difference will show – and a warning about different, the people around you do not always embrace it.

    3. Change will take effort and require investment. I have to give to get. If I want to build relationships then I have to give my time to engage others. If I want to have a show garden then I have to give my time (or resources) to have it taken care of.

    4. Change will call for sacrifice. I will have to give up what I am currently doing to do something different. Sometimes the sacrifice will be a challenge to my own selfishness, but sometimes the sacrifice may be harder or more painful (like having to get up earlier to make it happen and getting less sleep than normal).

    5. Change will push the limits of faith – especially bold change. Change will drive me to step where I haven’t been stepping and do move in a way that I haven’t been moving and that will try my faith but it will also GROW my faith.

    The good news is that the uncomfortable will not be constant and some of the uncomfortable will not even be that bad – just not what I might normally do. There will be some uncomfortable if I am daring to launch into my impossible dreams.

I will invest in growing up my boldness but I know that it will not be comfortable all the time. I expect to face some uncomfortable situations – because of sacrifice, because of change, or just because of the reactions of others. I just have to be so determined to grow up my boldness that the uncomfortable moments no long have an effect on my journey.

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