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Release Expectations with 5 Tips from Growing HOPE that Spark Inspiration

You have to release expectations to be free to fly into all of your possibilities.

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MAP IT OUT – Week 4 – Inspiration

Monday – Release Expectations

Things are going to come up. Situations will happen. The difference between a life held up by the circumstances and one fulfilling the possibilities is inspiration. I develop the ability to fly into my promise when I am fueled by the inspiration that I can.

Growing HOPE - MAP IT OUT - Inspiration - Release Expectations

Expectations Hold Back Inspiration

Inspiration has room to grow when I make a point to release the expectations:

  • Expectations of society;
  • Expectations of family;
  • Expectations of the situation:
  • Expectations of education;
  • Expectations of self.

I can fly – if I let go of the things weighing me down and pulling me back. In inspiration to believe and pursue my impossibilities begins with the release of expectations.

[tbctt tweet=”Sometimes we have to be able to see more than what is right in front of us to understand the true picture.”]

Inspiration is not just about having the ability to dream- it is having the desire to see more than what is on the surface. I get there when I make the choice to release the expectations that are keeping me blind.

A YouTube Broadcast – A Moment of HOPE with Kathryn Lang

This Moment of HOPE YouTube Broadcast offers a burst of inspiration in under one minute

When I am infused with inspiration then I can develop the wings to fly into my possibilities – first I need to let go – I need to release the expectations that are weighing me down and holding me back – expectations of the world, of my family, of my situation, of my education – and even the expectations I have put on myself. When I let go – then, and only then will I be free to fly.

Quote of the day for Thursday, June 1, 2017

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams

Quote of the Day - Change the World

Imagination makes room for me to step into my possibility and my purpose. When I walk out my purpose and I am bold in that possibility, then I grow up change for my life and in my life. When I change my life, then I have an effect – directly and indirectly – on those that I encounter. When I affect others, I begin to change the world.

Pursue inspiration. Dare to dream. Seek out the imagination.

The more I invest in dreams and growing up my belief, the more I begin to live out the impossible.

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