Growing Momentum – Actions Can Be Small

I have discovered that it is the little actions that make the biggest difference for me. When I take a little action with determination and persistence that sits on a foundation of consistency then I make big things happen in my life.

Small Actions Add Up to Grow Momentum

Actions do not have to be big to be effective.

    1. Little actions can move mountains. When I pile together a bunch of little actions then I begin to tear mountains down to mole hills.

    2. Little actions can move the world. A little action can inspire a little action that causes a positive reaction that simply carries on the message.

    3. Little actions will remove an issue completely or break down the surrounding circumstances that are holding me back. The insesent friction of little actions can be a lot like a drop of water.

    4. Little actions will change the people around me – maybe not much and maybe not all at once, but they will begin to add up to change.

    5. Little actions create big changes in me. The little actions begin to pile up and push forward and move around until I am no longer where I was. I reach my desires and my dreams one little actions at a time.

Actions can be powerful and still be small. It is the consistent implementation of the actions that make the biggest difference. If I will do something, just take a small action or break off a smaller piece of the big task and then I will do another, they will pile up together and become something powerful.

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