Growing Momentum – No Failure in Actions

It takes momentum to get going and to keep going.

My actions are the only path to my success. It will not happen to me. It will not happen for me. I have to do it if I want to be it. When I take purposeful actions then something positive will always be produced.

The first step to growing momentum to lead me into a life well lived is to recognize that there is NO failure in actions

No Failure in Actions

Actions will always produce something and when something is produced then there is no failure

    Actions never lead to failure – NEVER
    Actions beget actions – they feed each other
    Actions produce results –of some sort
    Actions do not have to be big to be effective – little things add up
    Actions have to be unique to be effective – they have to be mine

Failure is just another word for not trying – everything else is a lesson learned. As long as I am taking action and as long as I am moving then I am in the process of learning and growing and that is NEVER a failure.

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