Growing Up Relationships to Build Success

Growing up relationships is vital for what you do. No matter what your focus – business, church, family, or hobbies – it is all fundamentally about relationships. The only way to reach my desired success goes straight through the heat of the relationships I create. I have to invest my time my effort, and my focus into the foundational relationships. There is just no other way to approach it.

Simple Tips for Growing Up Relationships

  1. Make others feel like the most important person that you have encountered all day.
  2. We all want to be special and we all want to be special – and ultimately we all are special. It is up to me to invest in the other person enough that I can experience that special quality.

  3. Be inviting and welcoming to those that you encounter.
  4. I have attended events where the volunteers fawned over the speakers or the repeat visitors or other people they considered important. Newcomers were barely acknowledged. I rarely return to those events. But I have attended events where I was not only welcomed by engaged and I make those events a priority for my schedule. When I am open and engaging with others then I clear the path to forge a relationships with that person.

  5. Put the focus on others (in a positive way).
  6. What is in it for me or what can I bring to the table – these two attitudes will drive most of my interactions. When I choose to put the focus on the other person (how I can help, what I can do, what they need or want) then I make that other person the focus of the encounter.

  7. Give attention to others – make an effort to see the people around you.
  8. A simple smile can be a HUGE relief – especially when the situation is uncomfortable or tense. Just being acknowledged can go a long ways. Taking time to address another person (and slowing down to listen to the response) allows other people to know that you have seen them.

  9. Provide support and encouragement – recognize the need and have a genuine desire to help.
  10. I may not can fix it – whatever your it may be – but I can let you know that I understand there is a need and I can also let you know that I desire to find the right help for the moment. It is not always about fixing it – but sometimes just about coming along beside you and letting you know you are not alone in the journey.

    When I make an investment in others then I make an investment in my own success. It may seem too simplistic to be real, but in the end everything worth doing or being comes back around to the relationships on which they stand.

    Be blessed,

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