You can harness your why. You can unlock and uncover your unique heartseed. You can live in purpose and on purpose with bold determination.

The question was never can you, but will you?

Too often we get caught up in the wheel of what others expect, what must be done, or what we’ve always done. It becomes more comfortable to be uncomfortable than to dare to step out into the unknown of possibilities. At least the comfortable uncomfortable is known.

If you want to harness your why and control the direction of your journey you will have to step out of where you are in the moment. The only way to go anywhere is to move from here.

You want to love life.
You want to live in the now.
You need to share joy.
You have to build security.
And you must put guidelines in place.

It is your choice. You can live out a life of limitless possibilities if you dare to move out of your current moment.

Your why is unique to you. Nobody else can tell you how to pursue your why because nobody else had your why. On the flip side, nobody else can provide the easy button to (or through) your why. You will have to define it. You will have to determine it. And you will have to pursue it.

How do you harness your why? Start by learning to love your life – right now, where you are while you are on the way to where you want to be. You begin to leap into a life of thriving when you love the life you are living.

How do you love your life? It begins with a seed of hope.

It may not always feel like hope is holding us up, but when we take a moment to look around and see more than the obvious then we begin to recognize hope is all around. It is not only holding us up, but it is creating the way we need in order to stand through the storm or walk through the valley.

Hope makes a difference.

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