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Hope Makes a Way

Hope makes a way through the noisy negatives when you invest in seeing the hope. Finding hope clears the path for living your best life.

Too often, we go through life with a map we don’t understand drawn by someone we don’t even know yet – and then we’re shocked when we get lost. You have to know to go.

The more ways you find
to invest in hope,
the more you will find
that hope makes a way.
-Kathryn Lang


The more ways you find 
to invest in hope, 
the more you will find 
that hope makes a way.
-Kathryn Lang

Hope Makes a Way in 5 Steps

1. First, push back on the expectations of others. They have told you what you need to do, what you should do, or what you have to do (because of your parents or grandparents or whatever rule they deemed important that day).

2. Second, take time to week out the limitations you’ve been allowing to root in your life. You have dictated you can’t because . . . because of a lack of funds, lack of space, lack of time, lack of education – stopping letting your lacks be the limits.

3. Third, get flexible, and you have to move to create flexibility. If you don’t move, your muscles get stiff, and you get locked into place.

4. Fourth, determine the promises that have been offered for you. Take some time and dig into the Word to find the promises for you and to know them for yourself.

5. And finally, create some “I am” statements about your life. Write out declarations about your plan and path, and then say them until you believe them so definitively that others can’t talk you out of them.

You have to choose to see it to grow up hope in your life.

Invest in hope

Dare to See the Hope

The more you determine to see hope, the more hope sets root in your heart. The more hope roots in you, the more you are positioned to change your world.

 Avoid comparing now with then (or then with now). Each moment offers its unique qualities and blessings. If you try to look at this moment through the vision of another time, then it will seem clouded and out of focus. See now for now, and you will begin to see the blessings it has to offer.

Dare to see beyond your expectations. Choose to see beyond what you know. Allow the moment to embrace you, and you will begin to embrace the moment. Once you embrace the moment, then the possibilities abound.

 Allow for the unexpected (and maybe even the unwanted). Things will happen – yes, even things you didn’t expect or didn’t want – but there is something to gain no matter what is going on if you are willing to allow for the moment and lean into it and learn through it.

Nothing changes until something changes, and nothing comes of the changes until you are open to the hope they bring. Today is the day you dare to see the hope. When you do, you will find that hope makes a way for all things to become possible.

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