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How Emotions Hijack Our Hearts

Emotions hijack our hearts when we allow them to drive our path and determine our steps. Wisdom gets set aside for the emotions and before you know it, you’re stranded in a ditch. 

“Wisdom can’t guide us
if emotions hijack our hearts.”
– Jud Wilhite


“Wisdom can’t guide us 
if emotions hijack our hearts.” 
- Jud Wilhite

Giving Emotions the Wheel

At the end of the battle, we heard the words, “You’ve lost.” I was left confused, frustrated, and stuck behind the wheel for the drive home. On top of all those annoyances, my husband had no interest in talking it out.

How are you supposed to get through something without talking it out?

I needed to talk, so the dialogue in my head began with vigor. Every now and then, I’d shout or hit the steering wheel. The whole time I was giving more and more control to the emotions.

If I hadn’t been driving, I would have been using the time to text people, delete websites, and give up. Enough was enough, and I had passed enough several miles back.

My husband read a text from our son. It simply said, “God’s got this.” Sometimes the most powerful moments we face are the simplest ones.

For the rest of the drive, I repeated those words. They managed to tap down the emotions trying to hijack my heart. Over the next several weeks, I leaned on those words more than a few times. Anytime emotions tried to take the wheel, I demanded they get out of the car.

Nothing good comes from leaving our emotions in control. We have to get to a place where we get beyond emotions.

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4 Ways Emotions Hijack Our Hearts

Emotions can be tricky little fellows. They seem unobtrusive, innocent even. And then we begin to justify them, giving them a little fuel. Before you know you, you’ve gone from the sweet little mogwai to out-of-control gremlins – all because you gave emotions control.

Emotions Fog the Truth

They tell us that what we see isn’t really what we see. They tell us what was said wasn’t really what we heard. Emotions confuse the truth and leave you floundering for the truth.

Emotions Build on Emotions

The more emotions rule your journey, the more they grow. The bigger they grow, the more they feed themselves . . . and the bigger they grow. 

Emotions Block Possibilities

The more emotions are in control, the harder it is to see the possible. When you lose your possibilities, then you become stuck where you are.

Emotions Encourage a Negative Focus

The power-demanding emotions are the negatives. When you give into the emotions, you give into the negatives. Negatives will run off the positives.

Stop Giving Emotions Control

Emotions can be powerful drivers, but when they take the wheel, they can lead us astray. Jud Wilhite aptly stated, “Wisdom can’t guide us if emotions hijack our hearts.” Giving emotions control clouds the truth fuels negativity, and blocks potential solutions.

How will you take back control when emotions hijack your heart?

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