HOW to Be Courageously Honest

I stared at my White Board of World Domination and lamented that most of the year is gone and I am nowhere near the goals that I set out to accomplish.

I watched the video of my presentation and bemoaned the image staring back at me.

I listened to the accomplishments of my friend and secretly wondered why her and not me.

I had a lot of ideas and a great number of thoughts but not many results . . . until I made the choice to be honest about how I got to my current state and what it was going to take to move on.

HOW to Breakthrough to Courageously Honest

    H – Honesty. Unless I confess my struggles, my mistakes, and even my weaknesses, I will not be in a place where I can get beyond the moment. I am more likely to slip back. If I want to see dramatic breakthrough then I have to be dramatically honest about this journey.

    O – Open. It is not just about revealing the troubles but about being open to making a difference. It will always be in my court to create change. But I will never be in the position to make that change if I never become open to the ideas and the possibilities.

    W – Willingness. Nothing changes until something changes and that action only occurs with my willingness to move. I have to step out, step up, or step around if I am going to break through the things that are trying to hold me back.

#GrowingHOPE radio on the CWA Network with special Guest CA Marks of – tips on being courageous and Scripture to help create a foundation for that courage.

Being courageous is not JUST about standing on the battle field facing down the enemy. Sometimes it is about facing down my own mistakes and limitations and making the choice to push forward into the change that will lead to my possibilities.

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