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How to be Focused on the Good

Choose to be focused on the good. Things will happen. People will hurt you. The storms will rumble. Where you choose to focus will determine how your journey goes.

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It didn’t go the way you said it would. I’m trying to stay focused on the good that will come from this next step in the journey instead of dwelling on the fact that you put me in this spot.

It didn’t work out the way it was promised. I’m working to keep my attention on the possibilities ahead instead of getting tangled up in the problems stirred up by the misdirection of a broken promise.

It didn’t happen when it was supposed to happen (or when I thought it should happen). I’m trying to remember that the time for every season is not always what I think it should be.

The issue I keep running into stares back at me from the mirror. I am the issue because in my own abilities and strengths, I can’t.

I can’t stay focused on the good if I’m trying to do it on my own.

I can’t dwell in the possibilities if I’m trying to do it alone.

I can’t.

But God can.

Be Focused on the Good

  • I started my morning in the Word, which gave me detailed direction on how to get to where I want to go. When I choose to repeat those directions and then follow those directions, the things you do won’t put me in a spot. The things you do might cause a detour, but God will always make a way.
  • My morning continued with determined little bits driven by the promises of the Word. Moses didn’t part the sea, but he had to put out his staff. Joshua didn’t bring down the walls of Jericho, but he had to lead the people in their walks around the city. When I choose to do what I can do and what I know to do, then I am positioned to be in God’s blessings.
  • It may not happen today, even though I want it to happen today. The promises I read this morning remind me that God’s timing is always perfect. I don’t have to understand His timing to be able to rest in it. I just have to know that He’s got this. When I choose to rest in the knowledge of His willingness and abilities, then I am able to wait (even if I don’t want to).
focused on the good

Last week, we drove out to the property. I intentionally avoided looking at the house, but there was no way to avoid the property. It stirred up negative emotions and threatened to drag me down. On the way back to the rental, I noticed the white pelicans were back.

“It’s great they are back. I just had hoped they would choose to hang out in front of the rental this year.” I opined to my husband.

Today, I’m looking out the front window of the rental at the white pelicans on the sandbar in front of the community. It has been a gray day, and the negatives were doing all they could to drag me down. The white pelicans are another reminder that God’s got this and because God’s got this, I will be okay.

What are the things that remind you that God’s got this? Hold tight to them so when the people, the situations, or your own emotions threaten to drag you down, you have a way to remember how God has shown up and shown out in your life.

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