How to Become Crystal Clear on Your Want

Be clear on your want so you can be determined and focused on getting it.

Know where you’re going so you can determine how to get there and create a foundation for focused flexibility. Until you define your destination, you won’t be set in the journey.

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My friends and I enjoyed going for a ride when we were in school. We’d load up on snacks, gas up the car, and drive. Hours later, we would return home.

Did we have a good time? Yes.

Did we get somewhere? Yes . . . to a good time together.

We didn’t have a defined destination. Our goal was the drive.

My husband and I went out for a drive the other day. “Where are we going?” It was the first thing he asked when we got into the car.

I didn’t have a plan. My goal had been the drive. He needed a specific destination.

We all need a specific destination when it comes to the path of life. We don’t need to be out for the drive, and the drive doesn’t need to be a goal.

You were designed on purpose and for a purpose. Defining that purpose requires uncovering the heartseed planted in you at the beginning of time. When you know how you are unique in all the world, then you will begin to formulate a clear want around that uniqueness.

Know You to Be Clear On Your Want

  • Make a list of your dominant qualities. If you aren’t sure, just ask someone that knows you (and that you trust). Keep in mind that something someone else may see as a negative trait often only needs a new perspective to become the possibility. “You’re always hopeful” annoys someone determined to be negative but encourages those looking for hope.
  • Consider your BIG DREAMS. You have dreams that seem a little too impossible to share and a little too scary to dare. Those are the dreams you use to hold up your unique qualities beside those dreams. See how they might blend.
  • Meditate on your results. Imagine a day lived out fully in your BIG DREAMS through your uniquenesses. How does that day look? How does that day feel? How does that day fit? Let your imagination take you there.
  • Adjust your BIG DREAMS or the path for getting there based on your results of the list, the dreams, and the meditation time until you settle on something that fires you up and ignites your motivation.
  • Settle it down in your knower. Speak your BIG DREAM. Write it out in detail. Share your BIG DREAM with someone else. Repeat your dream until it settles in, and you become crystal clear on your want.

The only thing holding you back from all of your BIG DREAMS stares back at you from the mirror each day. It’s you. You hold you back, or you drive you forward.

The more focused you are on what you want, and the better you define your destination, the easier it becomes to find the will and the want to pursue that destination.

You Can!

Clear On Your Want

For years, I told folks that you needed accountability to get it done. I had always required accountability. I even went so far at one point to let my kids hold me accountable (which is a lesson learned and one I don’t recommend you try for yourself). These last few months have taught me that once you lock in on your heartseed and the destination it provides, that alone becomes your accountability.

You do what you need to do because you need to get to where you are designed to be. One little bit at a time, one choice at a time, you move to your BIG DREAMS.

Quote of the Day

Be clear on your want so you can live boldly in all of your possibilities.

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