Become Ungrounded with 3 Simple Steps

You have to become ungrounded if you are ever going to fly. The limitations that have been placed on us, or that we’ve put on ourselves, stop the plane from ever taking off. Even if you make it out to the runway, you aren’t going anywhere as long as you’re grounded.

Reasons to do have to be bigger than excuses not to do.


Reasons to do have to be bigger than excuses not to do.

Getting Grounded

I spent most of my life trying to avoid getting grounded. Being grounded meant I couldn’t go where I wanted or do what I wanted. It was a trap that was instituted to teach me the right way to behave in a situation.

Avoiding the grounding became the driving force for my ability to bend rules but not break them. 

But then people started explaining the importance of being grounded. “It keeps your head out of the clouds.” 

In other words, in order to do things the right way, I had to now choose to be grounded – at least that’s the rules THEY set.

Despite my natural tendency to bend the rules, I wanted to “do things right.” I tried to do what they told me I had to do, but I found not only did I lose my inspiration and motivation, but I stopped believing.

Not getting to where I wanted to go was bad enough. Not believing that I could even get there anymore was devastating. I got stuck.

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Grounded vs. Anchored

Grounded has different meanings to different people. For electricians, it’s about having a conductor that is connected to the earth. Related to that, some people now look at grounding as getting back to a connection with Earth. For a pilot, it’s about not being allowed to fly. For children, it’s about punishment. 

However you view it, grounded locks you down.

Being anchored means that the boat is fixed safely in the harbor. The anchor is the one that is the reliable support. It is the fixed object that keeps me secure while I’m climbing to my destination.

Having an anchor means I can go and shift and adjust as I am reaching my BIG DREAM goals.

Dare to become ungrounded

Choosing to Become Ungrounded

I don’t like being grounded. It’s limiting. When you are looking to be all that you can be, you have to dare to reach beyond the limits. The only way to stretch to that point is to become ungrounded.

Put on blinders

Racehorses wear blinders so they stay focused on the track in front of them. If you can’t see what they are doing next to you then you won’t be tempted to change your behavior to match theirs.

Do the prep work

Pilots don’t just take flight. They run through a checklist so they can be as sure as possible that once they get into the air they will stay there. 

Don’t stop believing

The people who believe they can until they do are the ones that live the impossible lives. Dare to believe in your BIG DREAM goals so much that you have no choice but to live them.

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Dare to Become Ungrounded

I heard a song about living with abandon. It reminded me that a life lived in my unique design can’t be tethered to the rules of the world. Daring to live in purpose and on purpose will take me to a place I’ve never known – and the only way to go is farther in and farther up. 

If you are going to launch into your unique design, you have to dare to become ungrounded.

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