How to Change a Community and a Church

Today I witnessed a change that I would never have deemed possible. It started small but is crawling through out the community with surprising force. It is simple enough and yet I never saw it before – change the men and you change the church and the community.

It would be great if it were possible to wave a magic wand and make the men in the church step up, but there isn’t one. I spent seven years praying daily over the men in my life so if there was a wand I would have uncovered it. The change hasn’t come about because of my prayers directly, but each prayer has a ripple effect that shifts the waters and makes change inevitable.

The men are the head which often means that they are the front line of the church and the community. That is the way that God designed it. A great youth group is wonderful, but it will not have a lasting impact on the church and the community unless there is a change in the men. A strong women’s group will make things happen but it can not make things happen forever – eventually the driving force will fade with out the head to drive it on.

Change a Community and a Church

    1. Encourage the man in your own life. Learn to recognize and understand his disappointment and then find ways to speak words that build up and lift up.

    2. Pray daily for the men in you life, in the church and in the community. Ask God to open up their hearts and minds to follow His wisdom, direction and purpose.

    3. Look in your own eyes and pull out any of the beams that might be lodged there. A person working to change her own heart and life will do more to affect change around her than one that is able to point out the speck in everyone else.

    4. Actively participate in the church. Find out about meeting, gathering, studies and classes and spend time each week fellowshipping with the body.

    5. Spend time talking to, listening to and learning about the Father. The closer your relationship with Him the easier it will be to discern the steps and paths that He has for your life.

Yesterday the men led the service at our church. It was the men that said the prayers, gave the “talk” – although I would say it was a sermon, and basically revealed the amazing thing that God is doing in the church. These men are some that I have known for over 30 years (since we were all in grade school), but I could see and hear and feel the change that has come over their lives.

If you are looking for a church that has community and fellowship, that is making a difference in the world around them and that is growing and feeding the body then look to the men. Find a church where the men are being changed and you will find a church that is changing the world.

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