Find your balance

How to Create the Balance to Pursue Your Success

You have to have balance. Work, home, family, health – they all need attention! Don’t steal from one to invest in the other. Balance your day so they all get their necessary allotment. It doesn’t have to be complicated to work. It just has to be your own, unique balance.

Find Your Balance

The first time I created a WhiteBoard of World Domination it was all about my radio show. I wanted to build up the show and get more traction. Not a single point talked about my family, my home, or me.

That year I did get more done with the radio show, but I struggled with homeschooling the boys and keeping the house in order. We won’t even talk about my personal goals (let’s just pretend that year didn’t happen).

The next year I did better, although I still hadn’t quite found my balance. At least I knew I needed more balance. Each year I tweaked and adjusted.

This year, I found the perfect solution.

Aspiration – or work/profession goals
Stewardship – or taking care of the things I possess (home, car, yard, stuff)
Transformation – mind, body, and spirit
Fellowship – family, friends, connections, relationships

This square represents a balanced life. The goals I have for my squares may be different for one area than yours, but the point of the four squares is that it challenges me to give each area of the square some of the focus.

You can’t do it all – at least not all at once. You can do little bits and let those little bits add up to your big change. It’s up to you. And it is also up to you to determine the balance you need and you want.

How to Find Your Balance

    find your balance

  • Determine what you need – because your needs will be specific to your journey (and may change from day to day). Ask yourself, “What do I really want today?” Make your plan accordingly.
  • Create accountability – meet with a friend once a week to talk about your goals and their goals and to share wins, tips, or struggles. Share your three tasks for the day in the morning with a friend and then share again that night what you did (the internet makes it easier than ever to say accountable).
  • Find your sweet spot – we all have one. Some work better in the morning. Some work better in blocks. Some work better at night. Some work better in short bursts. Know what works for you so you can put it to work.
  • Be okay with your balance – instead of trying to match the balance someone else shares. You may not go to the gym every day because the commute takes an hour and you have a walking trail in your front yard (thanks to a ¼ mile long drive). If you try to be a gym person when it doesn’t fit your balance then it will knock you off balance.

You need balance – no matter what your goals or what your focus. Without balance for all areas of your life, you will find that you stumble and struggle to keep going. The key is to find the balance that works for you.

Be blessed,
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