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How to Define and Live Your Meaning of Life

Have you defined your meaning of life or are you waiting for someone else to define it for you?

Have you made steps to live out your definition of life or are you waiting for it to come get you?

Have you invested in your meaning a life to the point that you believe it is your reality (or possibility) or are you still caught up in hoping it will happen?

People have been seeking out the meaning of life since life began. Cartoons have been made. Books have been written. Movies have been crafted. Despite all of the content out there, people are still seeking their meaning of life.

The secret to your meaning of life is not really a secret. It is not even all that complicated. It is within you right now. And the only secret is that you are the only one that can uncover your meaning and uniqueness and then grow it up into all your possibilities.

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How to Discover Your Meaning of Life

  1. Let go of the expectations – not only yours but all the other expectations that have been piled on you over the years. Expectations can smother potential because it puts restraints on the imagination. Did you get a degree in teaching and expect to land a perfect job that would carry you through retirement? Let your imagination see beyond those limits and you could end up creating an educational app that takes retirement to a whole new level.
  2. Define what you really love (things that are a blessing or benefit to others – or that could be). I knew a lady that loved cooking casseroles and experimenting with new recipes (or just creating her own). She began making up extra casseroles that she sold to families looking for a healthier alternative to takeout. She took her love of cooking and passion for casseroles and turned it into a possibility that helped her and benefited others as well.
  3. Know what you will do (and just as importantly what you will give up). You can love something and enjoy something, but what are you willing to invest to make it into more than just a dream, a love, or a wish. It will require time, resources, and effort. It won’t just happen to you. I wished I could be an Olympic diver, but had a solid list of reasons it would never happen. My brother (all 5 ft 6 inches of him) wanted to play college basketball. He invested time, effort, and lots of energy to make it happen. He had the will and his will made the way.
  4. What do you really want? Now tell yourself why you want this. Keep asking. Keep telling. After a few times through you will begin to see what you really want is not necessarily what you thought you wanted and once you know what you really want then you begin to unlock the how to your why – which is ultimately your meaning of life!

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You are uniquely designed on purpose and for a purpose. The world may tell you something else. Others may tell you it’s a pipe dream or impossible. There may even be moments when you look in the mirror and wonder, “Have you lost your mind?”

Living out your meaning of life is not supposed to make sense to the world because it is not the world’s meaning. It’s yours. Invest in knowing your why. Define it to the point you believe it. You will begin to discover the many possibilities waiting to help you live out your meaning of life.

Be blessed,
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