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How to Drive Action by Doing Something for Others

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Growing HOPE to Drive Action

Tuesday – Do Something for Others

Stop doing nothing and do something for someone else.

Do Something for Others to Drive Action

#GrowingHOPE Podcast - Do Something for Others

When I do for others – without any benefit for myself – then I find it benefits me in ways I would never imagined possible.

  • Doing something for others changes my focus.
  • Doing something for others changes my perspective.
  • Doing something for others accomplishes something which boosts my motivation.

  • Doing something for others gets me up and moving even when I don’t know what I wanted to do.
  • Doing something for others makes room for me to keep doing.

When I focus my energy into doing something for others then I stop the worries from having that energy and I make way from me to get unstuck in my own journey.

Get Unstuck and Find Your Focus

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