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How to Find the Little Bits of Hope to Create Your Way

You have to search for little bits of hope when circumstances threaten to crowd out your life. Be invested in seeking out the spark, investing in making the most of where you are, and find a way to embrace the fog.

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

March 15, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Be Invested in Ways to Find the Little Bit of Hope


It’s how I felt.

Nothing went the way I expected. Even less went the way I wanted. Let’s not even talk about what I needed.

I stood there. Empty.

The morning light grew, but a thick fog had settled in the valley. Looking out I saw nothing but grey blanketed the morning. My heartfelt the weight of the fog.

The morning burned on and the fog lifted from the valley, but not from my heart.

What do you do when you’ve done all you know to do and you are left empty?

I moved out.

I packed up my to-go office and I moved the whole kit-and-kaboodle outside. The morning offered a cool breeze and a bright sky. The sun had not yet gotten high enough to break through the branches of the trees, so it’s warmth filtered through them.

Around me, the morning came to life. Birds and squirrels and insects scampered about. For the first thirty minutes, I sat amid their songs and activities. Among the calls were a group of ducks, a lone woodpecker, some very determined wrens, a family of crows (yes, I know what they are called but in my world, it is a family – thank you very much) and so much more.

I watched the ducks fly around the field before landing in a couple of trees by the creek. One duck braved the morning and dropped down into the creek, soon calling out for the others to join him.

The calls of the birds quickly dimmed the chaos and craziness that gave life to the fog settled on my heart.

I looked out into the morning and the remnants of the fog that had filled the valley an hour before remained, transformed now into shimmering droplets scattered on the trees and bushes. They provided a fairytale quality to the already calming moment. Each shimmer in the sun reminded me that even the thickest fog eventually burns away.

I did not find my answers by moving out. I did find a new hope in the sparkles of burned-out fog. That little bit of hope made room for a little bit of peace that allowed my mind to think in directions it had not thought before.

I may not have all the answers, but I found one. And one is all you need to take your next step.

In a time of uncertainty, or emptiness, or feeling lost, dare to find a little bit of hope.

Find a Little Bit of Hope

Little bits add up to the difference you need. A little bit of hope can be added to a little bit of hope that will lift you up out of the fog.

  • Find a spark. Even a little spark can light up a big darkness. A spark of hope can be anything from the sun breaking the horizon to the sun lighting the horizon at its setting.

The sparkling droplets of fog provided me with a spark of hope. The spark of hope began to light up the darkest corners of my heart and mind and cleared the way for me to begin seeing the possibilities around me.

  • Make the most of where you are. No matter where you are, there is always something there to appreciate and enjoy. It may not be what you expected, but it is there if you are willing to look.

The first time we drove up to the house after the trees had been cleared from the drive and structure, we startled a squirrel. He ran to the nearest tree – or where the tree had been before the tornado – and he stared at the trunk left after the cleanup. His shocked expression (yes, squirrels make shocked expression) lightened the moment. It was a reminder that everyone was going to need a little time to adjust.

  • Embrace the fog. You can’t always change the surrounding circumstances but you can always change how you look at the circumstances around you.

We are living in a hotel room because our house was crushed during a tornado on Easter evening. It’s not what we wanted or what we expected, but we have taken to watching the Osprey families nesting nearby and enjoying other little perks of our current location.

It may not look like what you want or what you expected or even what you need, but you can still make the most of the moment. Practice looking for the little bits of positives and you will begin to find your way out of the fog.

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Challenge for Intentional Actions

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Invest in Little Bits of HOPE

Find a spark.
Make the most of where you are.
Embrace the fog.

Little bits of hope will add up to create the positives that will push you through the fog

Quote of the Day

“When everything around you goes off the rails, focus on the power of HOPE.” – Kathryn Lang

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Numbers 22 – 24
2 Chronicles 13 – 16
Daniel 5 – 8
Proverb 15

Scripture Focus - Proverb 15:19

Scripture Focus:

“The way of the righteous is as smooth as a highway.” – Proverb 15:19

Ponder Point:

The easiest path is not the one of your own making but the one that was crafted and cleared for you.

Share Moment:

How can you adjust your path to the one that is as smooth as a highway?

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We are not of this world, but we are in it.

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