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How to Get Radical About Your Spot

You have to get radical about your spot if you are going to stand against the tide of the world. Radical means you are rooted in it. It’s embracing the uniqueness of you that was planted in you at the beginning – your heartseed. To get radical you have to be solidly planted in your spot so that you don’t give in to the distractions

The more of the world
you get
the farther
from your radical truth
you move.
– Kathryn Lang


The more of the world
 you get 
the farther 
from your radical truth 
you move.
- Kathryn Lang

What It Looks Like to Get Radical

Getting radical revolves around believing that you are uniquely designed on purpose and for a purpose, and then you go about that purpose in your unique way. You don’t wait for someone else to tell you the right way. You do things your way – because your way is the only way you can go.

Seabiscuit is an amazing horse that nobody wanted. At three years old, he was washed up – can you imagine being only three and everyone around you giving up on your abilities? This was the grandson of Man o’War – which, for those who don’t follow horse racing, is a big deal.

But at three years old, everyone decided he couldn’t cut it.

Except for Seabiscuit. When he found his people, he proved all the others wrong. He ran his way and only had to find the people who could encourage him in his unique path.

Radical people do things differently, which makes them look even more radical to the world around them. To get radical, you only need to do a few things.

Believe You Can

You have to believe you can if you are going to get there. Until you believe it, it doesn’t matter how many people around you believe. Only you can get you to your BIG DREAMS.

Start Moving

You can stay in the stall and live a bold and radical life. You have to step out and race – but before you race, you have to train for the race. And you have to train like you are racing!

Embrace Your Uniqueness

To get radical about your spot, you have to get locked into your spot. Your spot is your unique design, combined with your personality, and wrapped up in your personal journey. In other words, your spot is about who you are designed to be – in purpose and on purpose.

Your way is the only way you can go.

What Radical  Doesn’t Look Like

Not Boastful

Radical embraces the personal journey. It does not demand others embrace that journey as well – or that they applaud you for what you’re doing. It’s just about being you.

Not Berating Others

Unique means just that. When you are walking your unique journey, you don’t beat up on others because they aren’t where you are or they aren’t even trying to get to where you are. Radical will instill courage in others to be radical – in their unique way – as well.

Not Demanding Accolades

When you start demanding others tell you how good you are, you have shifted from the radical spot to the Pride Spotlight. And you know what goes before pride, right?

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Will You Dare to Get Radical?

The choice is yours. You can live the ordinary and expected – limited by the world’s views and the world’s rules. Or, you can step out into your unique design with bold purpose and intentional actions.

Either path is the road not taken for you. Which one will you follow?

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