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How to Keep Growing HOPE

You have to keep growing hope if you want to remain in hope. Without the continued feeding and nurturing, hope will evaporate. What you do, who you are around, and what you ingest each day will determine how your hope grows.

Hope provides fuel
for possibility living.


Hope provides fuel for possibility living

We need hope to keep going. But we have to remember that hope alone won’t get us there. There comes a time when we have to stop hoping, or at least to stop resting on our hope, and take the action that will make it happen.

A Review of the Growing HOPE Journey

The New Year brought new vision and clarity. I had a plan, but doesn’t if often start out with those words. I invested the last month of the year getting the foundation set for the New Year and then the world flipped upside down for me.

Instead of a foundation, I had a ceiling blocking my growth.

Do you ever get there? I was upside down, my wants and desires became shattered delusions, and the only people around me were judging my every move – and I was coming up short.

Okay – stop laughing at me. Yes. I always come up short because I am short. And yes, I was hyper-sensitive because of the world flipping on me. And yes, I still had my wants and desires, they were just hiding behind that ceiling that was supposed to be my foundation.

What do you do when you get there? You go back to where you were when it worked.

A Place of HOPE

I misplaced my Delorian in one of the moves recently, so instead of actually going back in time to where I had my hope last, I began to seriously look at what I wanted and what drove my enthusiasm. When I found my joy, it began to chip away at that blocked ceiling. Before long, I had cleared a path and was in the process of using what had been blocking me to set a firm foundation again.

How? One little bit at a time, of course.

Review what you want for your best life

Tell me what you really want. If you could live a life – balanced in the Love God – Love Others moments – then what would that life look like? 

Review what you are doing

Take time to look at what you are doing. Is what you are doing going to produce the results that will lead you to your best life?

Review what you don’t like

Sometimes knowing what you don’t want to do can be the clearest path to what you are designed to do. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should.

Keep growing hope by knowing what you should do

Review your truth

Honestly (and that is essential) review what you can do and evaluate why you may not be doing what you can.

Review your feed

Take a look at what (and who) you are allowing into your life. The things that we put into our eyes and our ears put down roots into our heart and interrupt the growth of the heartseed.

Back to Growing HOPE

When I stepped back and I looked at my upside-down world, the truth was that I was the one that was flipped. Circumstances should me to the core and I began to believe the circumstances and the noise more than the Promises and the Truth. I allowed the demands of the world to overrun the unique heartseed focus that had started my year.

It was a visit with a friend that began to cause me to shift around. Dinner with two more friends continued the shift. With each little bit, I got a little bit closer to the HOPE I needed to turn this world upside right.

What has flipped your world? How can we begin to make the little bit of shifts that will turn your world upside right again?

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