How to Keep Moving to Get Things Done

Keep moving.

Keep the momentum going. Once you stop, it takes twice as much to get going again. As long as you keep some energy invested, even if it’s only a little, then you can get back to it with a little more ease.

keep momentum

The third day of November happened to be up against college football in Alabama. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a football watcher. I can watch it, but it’s not the top of my list of things-to-do.

My husband loves football. When I canceled our cable many years ago, he would have to find someone or somewhere to watch his games of choice. I signed up for a few channels just so he could stay home.

This is not a post about how to watch football.

It is a post about the importance of not stopping.

I got up and got going without any interruption. I’m not responsible for meals on the weekend. My youngest son was off at a scouting event. After a previous day of distractions, this would be a day of bigger and better.

I had marked off several of my items before 10 am. I kept on doing until lunchtime.

That’s when I hit my first snag. I sat down to lunch and turned on the Auburn game for my husband. It was not pretty – the game, not my husband. I stayed quiet and in place, fearful that moving or breathing might cause issues with the players on the field.

Three hours later, I was free.

I tried to get back into the rhythm that started the day. It felt like pushing a boulder uphill. Even doing a little more took too much energy and focus.

Lesson learned.

Don’t stop. Keep moving, even if the going is just a little forward motion.

Reasons to Keep Moving

  • Action begets action. When I do something then I am motivated to do something. The action of doing ignites the action to do something more.
  • You have to do something if you want it done. It won’t happen spontaneously. It requires intentional investment. But once you start doing then the doing goes faster.

  • Momentum moves things. Movement creates the current for things to be pulled along and moved along.

Don’t stop. Even if you want to take a break, find a way to keep doing. Remember once you stop moving it takes more energy to get started again.

Be blessed,

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