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How to Make a Friend from a Stranger

When we were younger we could walk up to a stranger at the playground and be best friends before the end of the day. We could make a friend from a stranger. But things have changed.

Why? Because someone said it wasn’t normal and we believed them.
Why? Because someone said we couldn’t and we believed them.
Why? Because someone said it had never been done that way before and we believed them.
Why? Because we listened to others.

Today I watched a video about how making friends was child’s play. One of the men in the video said it would be weird if he walked up to someone he didn’t know and asked if they wanted to play.

It’s true. When you strike up a conversation with people you don’t know, some people will look at you like you’ve lost your mind. I speak from experience on this!

Sometimes, though, you end up striking up a conversation that leads to a friendship, or at the least to a much better day for each of you.

how to make a friend

That won’t stop some people from telling you that you are being weird. Be weird anyway. It won’t stop some people from telling you that your way is not the right way. Move forward in your way anyway.

No matter what they have to say, dare to be you. Dare to reach out. Dare to make friends. And dare to laugh together!

Be blessed,
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    • Thanks for stopping by Tammy. I love the unique daisy view you have on your website. For me, flowers are definitely a pathway to making friends 😀

      Have a blessed day!


  • As an introvert, I find it extremely difficult to strike up conversations with strangers. But sometimes circumstances help you out. I met a mom from my son’s school because we were discussing what to do about a dog that was wandering into traffic. Finding common ground is key to a conversation.

    • You are absolutely right – common ground (and it can literally be the ground you’re standing on although a common issue that needs to be addressed can be an opening, too!). 😀 The key is to be open and willing and the Way will open up!

      Thanks for sharing.

      Have a blessed day.