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How to Move Past Failed by Being Consistently Consistent

Being consistent for a week can be easy. Being consistently consistent over time can be a challenge. The only way to develop the habit of being consistently consistent is to keep taking action.

Consistently consistent

It’s been eight days since I launched into a plethora of challenges. I like taking on multiple things at once because it pushes me to do more than I would otherwise. Sometimes, though, I bite off more than I can chew.

With the addition of holidays and the time change and I have been dragging the last two days. Dragging is not good if you are trying to complete a slew of challenges.

I missed a few of the items on my list, but I also added a few tasks I had not expected. For me, it felt like more than a win. It was foundational actions to launch me to the next level.

But that means I failed, right?

No, it doesn’t. It simply means that through these challenges I am finding the way that works for me.

Using Challenges to Find Your Way

  • Aim high. Dare yourself to do more than you think possible because it is by challenging into the impossible that you create a new reality for your life.
  • Find others. You can talk yourself out of a lot of things. Once you tell others, you can’t really talk them out of what you told them. It’s out there for all to see. It helps even more if they are joining you in the challenge in some way. Accountability aids consistency.
  • Do one more thing. One step moves you closer to where you want to go. And no matter where you want to go you have to go to get there.

  • Do a little bit. Little bits add up to big bits. A piece of what needs to be done can be added to a piece of what needs to be done until you get it done.

The power of consistency will push you to your possibilities. It will launch your dreams. It will give you the wings to fly.

You may have to find your own unique way to be consistent, and you may have to practice consistent to get to where you can follow through consistently. But, if you invest in doing and going then you will find your way beyond fail and settle into your consistent.

Be blessed.
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