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Tuesday, December 4, 2019

Quote of the Day

“The end of your day is greatly determined by the attitude of your morning.” – Kathryn Lang

Quote of the Day - Start your day better

Moment of HOPE

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From Start to Finish

How you start your day will have an effect on how you go through your day and ultimately will have an impact on how you end your day.

Be intentional about starting your day on the right foot. If you wake up late, take a moment to breathe and relax. Just because you are late doesn’t mean you have to stress. Make a point to start your day from a calm place and a positive focus.

The end of your day is greatly determined by the attitude of your morning.

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Challenge for Intentional Actions

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Start Better

Today’s challenge is about growing belief in the heart.

1. Speak something positive before getting out of bed.
2. Write out one gratitude before getting going.
3. Take a deep breath any time you feel rushed.

How you start will determine how you end so start better.

Daily Challenge - start better

Scripture Focus

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Today’s Readings:

Acts 4
Romans 10 – 12
Hebrews 7 – 8
Matthew 10 – 12

Focus Scripture:

“By your words, you will be justified. By your words, you will be condemned.” – from Matthew 12:37

Ponder Point:

The words you speak drive your life because they flow from what grows in your heart.

Share Moment:

What words are you speaking?

Scripture Focus - Matthew 12:27

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