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How to Stop Letting Distractions Hinder Your Focus

Getting through to your success starts with stopping. Stop letting distractions hinder your focus. Distractions are going to show up. What you do with them today will determine your tomorrow.

You over come excuses when you stop!

My computer and my printer stopped talking to each other. They have been like this in the past. They would go hours, sometimes days, without communicating. Out of the blue, the printing would begin and they would be playing nice.

Until they weren’t.

This time has been different. Despite all of my efforts to negotiate peace, they still won’t talk to each other. The printer will talk to my son’s computer and will print my son’s materials. It just laughs at me.

I invested some time yesterday trying to get them to talk. It kept me from doing what I had planned to do. The distraction returned today, but I refused to bite.

Instead, I found a different distraction.

Since this is the sixth day of November, I have a lot of reasons to stay focused. There is one more thing that needs to be checked off the list so I can get on to the next thing. Instead, I’m sharing how my electronics aren’t getting along and making up stories as to what goes on when I’m not in the room.

There is always a distraction to hold you back from doing what you know to do. It may be something necessary. It may be something required. It may be something made up. No matter what kind of distraction or what size the distraction, the choice remains. Be distracted or be focused.
Stop the excuses from Proverbs

How to Choose Focus

  • Lock in on what you want. When you zone in on what you want from your journey it is more difficult for a distraction to get you to zone out.
  • Lock down your schedule. You need a fixed schedule so that you don’t have room for the distraction. It’s not just about times, but about purposes. Schedule out how you are going to get to where you want to go.
  • Lock on your purpose. Know your why so much that everything else becomes a blur.

You have to know what you want to do and why you want to do it so that you can do it. Distractions will happen. You can choose to let the distractions run the show or you can demand the show must go on despite the distractions trying to get in the way.

Be blessed,
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