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How to Use Simple Ideas to Get Out of Your Way

Get out of your way!

You are the only obstacle holding you back. It may seem like the whole world is against you some days. It may feel like troubles are trying to trip you. Ultimately, it is you. You can. Or you can’t.

get out of your way

I started the morning with focus. That should be the first warning flag to go up. The more focused I am, the more folks shift things around me to distract me.

This day was no exception.

I gave into the distractions. Although I did accomplish a few things, for the most part, I gave the day up to distractions.

It may not be a conscious choice, but it is a choice. We either choose to do what gets us to where we want to go or we choose to do something that doesn’t get us there (even if that something is nothing).

When we recognize the real obstacle in the way, it becomes a little easier to maneuver around it.

Get Out of Your Way

  • Admit the truth. You can want something and you can truly want something. The difference is in the heart. When you want something you are willing to give it lip service. When you truly want something then you will take purposeful action in its direction. Admit the truth about your wants.
  • Find your power points and then make time for them. If you work best in the mornings then give yourself a little extra time in the mornings to work (even if you have to go to be a little earlier to make it happen). We all work best at certain times. Determine your time and then make that time a priority.
  • Aim for 42 days in a row. Don’t try to do it forever, but do try to do it with consistency for 42 days. It will train you to do different and it will also give you time to measure your results.

You’ve got this – if you want to get this. The choice remains in your hands. Use these simple ideas to get out of your way and start living boldly in your purpose.

Be blessed,
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What do you do to get out of your way? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

get out of your way

Find Your Focus

We all need that extra boost of encouragement now and then to help us get out of our way. If you need a little boost to get over, under, or through your obstacle, I can help.

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