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How You Can Feed the Hope We Need to Make It Through

We have to feed the hope we need. And we need hope to make it through.

Hope is the sunshine for the heart. Hope provides the nourishment needed to grow up possibilities. Hope seeds the dreams that drive a life into all it’s designed to be. Hope gives life when darkness seems in control.

We need hope now, more than ever.

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

March 13, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

We Need Hope In This Moment

Hope breaks through the darkness.

Many years ago, I suffered through a miscarriage that not only took the child but took all of my hope. So many things ran through my mind – all negative and all destructive – and my heart gave into the darkness.

I cried. When darkness takes over, there is not much else you can do.

My son brought me a song by Andrew Peterson – Faith to be Strong. I listened to the song until I wore out the CD. I wrote out the lyrics. I embraced the heart of Andrew Peterson that shared his hope and it allowed my heart to begin growing up hope.

I needed hope then more than ever.

Even now, in this moment, sharing the hope stirs the hope.

Hope makes a way when there seems to be no way.

It started with a single phone call and a very mean representative on the other end of the line. I was a young mom. We were a broke family (and moving down the path of broken). I was doing all I could to keep the wheels turning. It wasn’t enough.

Her words tore into my heart. Another call and another demand and the hope that was trying to hold on seeped out.

I collapsed to my knees in tears. Because when you have no hope, that’s all you can do.

That afternoon, I walked down to the mailbox, and there was an envelope addressed to me. I opened it up, and inside the card was a new, crisp $20 bill – just what I needed to get the grocery essentials. The only thing written on the card were the words, “I love you. God.”

The perfect words at the perfect moment gave me hope again. I needed hope in that moment.

The disaster destroyed our ability to do what we needed to do and it added so much more of what we needed to do because of the disaster. Local support evaporated and we were left alone. Alone steals hope. The lack of hope drove me to look for opportunities to be alone (feeding the lack of hope even more).

Eventually, I sat alone and hopeless. Despair became my companion.

An email arrived from a connection across the country. We had never met in person and because of the disaster, our online contact had been limited as my hope was slipping away. She didn’t offer help. She told me she was sending help and asked specifically what needed to be included.

Her heart for help touched my heart and sparked hope.

I needed hope in that disaster.

Hope feeds hope. And we need hope, especially now. It doesn’t matter where now is located or why your now shows up. Hope makes the difference – in life and in the world.

If you do nothing else today, find one way to be invested in hope and with the investment in hope you will grow up more hope that will continue to spread.

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Challenge for Intentional Actions

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Feeding the Hope We Need


Share a smile. Share some resources. Share a word of hope.
Care about others. Care for others. Care with others.
Dare to feed the hope in you by daring to feed the hope for others.

Quote of the Day

“There is always hope to be found if you are willing to look.” – Kathryn Lang

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What Others Say

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Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Acts 13
2 Corinthians 7 – 9
1 John 4 – 5
Mark 10 – 12

Scripture Focus - 1 John 5:14

Scripture Focus:

“If we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. If we know He hears us, whatever we are asking, we know we have the petitions we desire of Him.” – from 1 John 5:14

Ponder Point:

If you are going to according to His will then you need to be invested in learning His will. Only then are you in your position to receive all of your petitions.

Share Moment:

What are you doing to invest in learning His will?

Study Question

Dig in deeper to the Word to grow a closer relationship with the Word.

David talked with God and God answered David directly.

Do you talk directly to God and do you expect Him to answer you directly?

Bible Study Question - expect to hear from God

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