Husband Whisperer Secrets for Making of the Perfect Spouse

My husband grew up in a home where his mother cleaned every day. She did the cooking. She did the laundry. She was the master of all the “womanly things” that had to be done around the house.

My husband married a women who did not get the “womanly things” memo growing up. I cleaned up my room so rarely that most of my friends had no idea I had carpet on the floor. My roommate in college ironed my shirts because she knew I would just wear them wrinkled.

We came from two different worlds. We had different views of what could be and what would be. Despite our different views of the situation, we did have one thing in common. We were both stubborn as mules (or a more accurate description would involve the relative of the mule).

Our attitudes, our preconceptions, and our general plan for the way things should go made for some very interesting first years of marriage. There are still those moments when we butt heads – but now we are faster to look for compromise and find laughter in those moments. In the past we would have butted heads until we passed out from the effort.

I put into practice the secrets shared in “The Husband Whisperer” – along with others learned along the way. Those secrets have made all the difference.

I have the best husband ever – at least he is the best husband I have ever had (on most days). He washes dishes. He washes the laundry. He takes the kids on outings so I can have quiet time.

Would you like to have a spouse that does what you ask when you ask?
Would you be interested to find the secrets to getting your spouse to act correctly?
Are you willing to do what needs to be done to make that special spouse a reality?

The Husband Whisperer

Secrets of “The Husband Whisperer”

– Listen as much as you speak. Better yet, listen more than you speak. There is a reason we all have two ears and one mouth.

– Words are only the beginning of the truth. The things people say are often designed to cover up the real hurt, issue, or trouble. Read the non-verbal communication but remember to also listen to the words as well.

– Love first. Love most. Love continually. Love has a way of getting results than all of the complaining in the world will ever accomplish.

– Work on self. Remember the conversation that Jesus had with Peter about John. “You let me worry about John and you worry about Peter.” It still holds true today. You worry about being the best you that you can be and that will free up your spouse to become all that your spouse is designed to be.

Becoming a successful Husband Whisperer is about more than just manipulating the situation to your design. It is about hearing the husband, encouraging the husband, and loving the husband all while working on becoming the best you that you can be.

It is no real secret, but sometimes being reminded of the simplicity of it all can make it a little easier to get there.

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cropped shot 100913smKathryn Lang became the Husband Whisperer after facing a crisis in her own marriage. She continues to encourage others in finding that path to a life of peace and joy. Learn more about Kathryn at her website www.KathrynLang.com. Invite Kathryn to come to your conference or event to share more about her journey into Husband Whispering.
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