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I Can Do More

I can do more, the problem I have encountered is that when I do a lot then I want to take a break and when I take a break then I don’t want to do more.

But I can do more.

Today was a great example of my ability to do more. I got it all done . . . until the very last. I walked into the kitchen to start prepping for tomorrow. I made the coffee and set the coffee maker. I took out the pork to use for sandwiches. I even cleaned out the dish from dinner and set it in the sink to soak.

But I could have done more . . . because sitting just two feet from the sink was the unfinished tea. We ran out during dinner and my youngest had started a new batch. It has been “steeping” happily on the counter for about three hours. I saw no reason to disturb it.

Which means that I was to the point that I just didn’t want to do anymore.

I could have. But I made a purposeful choice to ignore the “steeping” tea and go hide in my room. My ever amazing husband finished the tea AND washed the dish soaking in the sink. He is just that amazing.

I have some major BIG DREAM GOALS on my 2017 White Board of World Domination. It will take more to get there. The good news is that my moment of not wanting to do anymore is getting later and later in the day – and often I have a short burst of “just a little more” right before I call it a night.

Finding the Way to I Can Do More

    1. I prep. If nothing else has helped me with doing more, this has. It is a lot easier to go into the kitchen and start the next meal if I already have a plan that I can implement. I invested almost six hours over the weekend prepping food to make it easier to fix (for me or for someone else if I’m not at home).

    2. I plan. Meals are a HUGE deal around our house. We homeschool, so there are days we have three, full, sit-down meals. I have tried a wide range of menu plans, but something always came up and forced me to change plans or change directions. Now my menu plan is simple – it is an entrée choice (beet, pork, chicken, fish, pasta). I have it set up so that we have each for lunch one day and each for dinner one day. That’s a total of 10 meals that I create every week. We have a sandwich day during the week, and I don’t cook on Saturday or Friday evening. That plan makes it easier for me to do more even when I am on the verge of not wanting to do anything else.

    3. I remain flexible. I accept that it will not always go the way I want it to go. When it comes to meals, I have some quick fix options for each of the different entrees. If I can’t do what I wanted to do then I simply do what I can.

    4. I delegate. I ask others to do part of the work. I tell others specifically what I need. I expect others to follow through when I do ask. As long as I am balanced in my asking then they are quick to respond in their doing.

    5. I review. I look over what worked and why. I also look at what didn’t work and why. This meal went great because we all sat at the table and ate together. This meal crumbled into chaos because we all ate around the television and nobody wanted to take responsibility for anything. Hmmm – guess which one I decided to repeat.

I focused on meals because meals have been front can center in our home. My husband misses out on breakfast and lunch with us – because of work – and so he enjoys coming home to a sit-down meal. Because my “I don’t want to do anymore” time has been hitting around 2 pm, I have had to make purposeful choices to do more when it comes to dinner time.

The key to living out my BIG DREAM GOALS will be found in taking these five tips I have been applying to the meals and putting those to work in every aspect of the White Board of World Domination.

How are you bringing your BIG DREAM GOALS to life? I hope you will share your ideas in the comments below.

Be blessed,

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