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Invest in Relationships to Grow Your Success

It should be no surprise by now that things often line up in my life in a way that is needed or necessary. I have seen time and time again, how situations or people can be just where I need them for a bit of inspiration or a door opening moment.

But I am still surprised at times.

The other day my husband made the comment that everything we talk about – finances, church, my writing, and all of it – it all had a way of circling back around to building relationships.

Our family ministry – Peculiar Productions – revolves around relationships. It even has its foundation in relationships because it was a relationship that sparked the idea. We created a tagline for Peculiar Productions. “Linking Lives to Grow Dreams.” We recognized that it was the relationships that would make the difference.

Our home works out because of relationships. The more we talk and share together – the more we are focused on each other – the smoother things run around the house. I shake off my selfish desire to do my thing and get up and do for the family. The boys (yes, even the teenagers), think of the family first. The house runs along because there is attention given to the relationships.

My writing journey has fewer bumps when I turn my attention to the relationships I have developed along the way. I focus on encouraging others and then I look around and discover that my own journey has progressed for the effort. Now that I think about it, maybe the journey seems smoother because of where I have my focus.

Our finances have a way of balancing out when we put our attention on the relationships. No matter how many times I look at the bank account, the numbers do not change for the looking. Those months (and those moments) when I keep my eye on others – building, growing, and nurturing the relationships around me – the oil lasts.

I have said on many occasions that “all I can do is all I can do.” I have tried to say it less often, because it makes my husband grit his teeth despite the fact that I explained it means that when I have done ALL that I can do then I am done. Still, the concept remains ingrained in my head.

When I invest in people – in the relationships around me – then I am active in my journey. When I am active in my journey then I will do all that I can do. When I do all that I can do then I can be content in knowing that I am done.

It is a simple idea that guides my steps. It is a simple focus that keeps me on target. In all my life, the relationships are the key. Invest in the relationships and begin seeing the changes that you desire for your life.

Be blessed,

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