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Invest in Writing Success – ABC's for Growing a Writing Career

Invest in Writing Success

Invest in your writing if you desire to be a writing success. You can achieve anything if you are willing to sacrifice what it takes to reach that goal. Only you can reach your success in writing – or in life. Others may put pieces of the puzzle out there but ultimately your actions will determine the difference.

Invest in Writing Success with Your Time

    – Carve out a moment in every day that you will be able to write. Until you make time to write, you will never have the time to write. There is always something or someone that will provide the distraction away from your writing dreams. Find a way to make writing a priority.

    – Value the time that you do carve out. Turn off the internet, or at least disconnect from social media. Make the words your focus for the time you allot for your words.

    – Get your friends and family onboard. Put up a notice on the door of your office (or your desk if you are not in an office). Let them know that for these minutes are dedicated to your words and they need to respect that dedication. It may take a few days, but if YOU honor your time then eventually others will respect what you honor.

Invest in Writing Success with Your Space

    – Clear out an area where you can focus on your writing. The location does not have to be an office or even the same place twice. Your writing space does need to make writing easy for you during the time you have set aside for your words.

    – Organize your writing space. It is important to be able to remember the names of characters or deadlines for different articles. There are software programs that can help make it easier to keep things in order. White boards on the wall of your writing space can also be great for keeping the words herded up.

    – Keep things in order. Put files away when they are not being used. Go through the mail and deal with it when you are going through it. Avoid letting piles show up in your space. Clutter and chaos will distract from the goal of building a successful writing career.

Invest in Writing Success with Your Finances

    – Finances are limited. Determining the best method of utilizing finances will make it easier for you to build your writing success. Take a serious look at your current financial status and then determine what can be set aside to help you push forward in your writing success.

    – Weigh the costs. Some expenses will be onetime costs. Others will require additional investments. Look at the investment options and then choose the ones that will give you the most return for growing your writing success.

    – Measure the benefits. The cost of a class or conference does not determine the value of that experience. One held in your own town (so that no accommodations expenses are incurred) may offer more benefits than one held on a cruise ship. Talk to other writers to see where they are learning and growing. Research the classes and courses before jumping onboard. Make decisions with the mind instead of the emotions. Choosing the best for you where you are will be one of the best tools for getting to where you want to be in your writing journey.

Every journey requires an investment. Getting to the place of writing success requires that you have a plan for all of your resources – time, finances and space – and that you consistently follow through to invest in writing success.

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